Transport Policy


  • ISM-SMTS is a joint venture between parents and school. All efforts are to be taken for its smooth running.
  • Buses will ply on all Regular Working days and on Exam days that fall on week days/ from Sunday to Thursday. For other special occasions, Parents have to arrange their own transportation.
  • Drop-off of students will be on First Pick - First drop (FIFO) basis. It MAY NOT be followed in some routes, where it is not possible.
  • Fee will be collected for 12 Months. It has to be paid quarterly within the first week of every quarter.
  • Increase of Transport Fee will be applicable, if there is an increase in Fuel Price by the Local Authority.
  • Pick-up of students starts everyday with the 1st Whatsapp message from the Teacher-in-charge /Vehicle Monitor/Attendant indicating that the vehicle has started for pickup.
  • Teacher- in- charge / Attendant will Whatsapp in the group when the vehicle reaches the school.
  • In case of breakdown of the vehicle, the Staff in charge / Attendant will send a message in the Whatsapp group and will coordinate with the Transport office for the replacement of the vehicle.


  • To save the transit time, parents must make sure that their wards are ready before the vehicle reaches their stop.
  • To save the transit time, parents must make sure that their wards are ready before the vehicle reaches their stop.
  • Parents should post a Whatsapp message in their respective Route-group when the vehicle reaches their stop. This is intimation for the parents and students of the next stop to be ready.
  • Parents must message in the Whatsapp group if their ward is not attending the school, either the previous evening or at least half-an–hour before the bus starts for pickup.
  • Parents should help the small children in boarding and alighting from the bus.
  • Parents are requested to advise their wards to be seated with seat-belts while travelling.
  • Parents must advise their wards to move in a line to board or alight from the bus. They should maintain discipline in the bus.


  • Parents are advised not to get into an argument or discussion with drivers and Staff on duty as it would affect the smooth operations. All suggestions, complaints and concerns should be addressed to Transport- in- charge either by a call or an e-mail.
  • Parents are requested to advise their wards to behave well with the other students, attendant and driver of the bus. If they are found misbehaving, they will be advised and warned. If repeated, they will not be allowed to continue, and their names will be removed from the system with intimation to the Parents.
  • Please mention the name of the child, Group, Pickup point, etc. while communicating to the Route Teacher-in –charge or Transport-in-charge for easy identification.
  • Mutual understanding and respect is expected from all towards the teachers and other staff of the Transport system.
  • Parents should inform Transport In-charge well in advance, in case of change of Accommodation/location by E-mail. Re-arrangement of pick up depends on the availability of Seats & Bus Route.
  • If a student is leaving the System/ School, parents should inform the Transport In-charge one month in advance by e-mail. If not, fee for one month will be charged.
  • Parents are advised to use Whatsapp Group only to update the status of the Bus. Any other information/Suggestion/Concern may be send to the E-mail ID provided.
  • Parents are advised to refrain from discussion and posting other posts other than Bus Updates in Whatsapp Group.
  • In case of any concerns and grievances, parents may send E-mail / Whatsapp / call School Transport in Charge.


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