Senior IX and X Curriculum
As per CBSE directive circular number Acad- 05/2017, dated 31/01/2017, ISM has abolished the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) from the beginning of the current Academic Year 2017 and introduced the remodelled assessment structure for Classes IX and X.

Examination model for Class X
(i) Board will conduct Class X Examination for 80 marks in each subject covering 100% syllabus of the subject of Class X only. Marks and grades both will be awarded for individual subjects. 9-point grading will be done which is similar to the procedure followed by the Board in Class XII.
(ii) 20 marks will be awarded for Internal Assessment based on the following criteria.
          ●Three periodic written tests for each subject will be conducted in an academic year. Average of the best two tests will be taken for final marks submission.
          ●5 marks will be awarded for notebook submission based on regularity, assignment completion, neatness and upkeep of notebook.
          ●Subject enrichment activities will carry 5 marks. Testing will be done for separate subjects as specified by the CBSE curriculum.
                  For Languages : Speaking and listening skills.
                  For Mathematics : Laboratory activities and projects.
                  For Science : Listed practical work/ activities.
                  For Social Science : Map and project work.
(iii) Co-Scholastic Activities
The school promotes co-curricular activities for holistic development of the student. These activities such as Work Education, Art Education and Health & Physical Education will be graded on a 5-point scale (A to E) and will have no descriptive indicators. No upscaling of grades will be done.

Examination model for Class IX

For the purpose of uniformity ISM will replicate the assessment model as described above for Class X in Class IX too, as per CBSE guidelines.

Senior (XI and XII) Curriculum

Students of Class XI and XII may opt for either of the following streams - Science, Commerce or Humanities, each of which covers 5 subjects.
        ●The Science Course consists of English, Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects. The first combination of subjects offered has Mathematics as the fourth subject and the fifth subject can be Computer Science or Engineering Graphics or Physical Education.
        ●The second combination offered comprises the subjects Biology as the fourth subject while the fifth subject can be Mathematics, Psychology or Physical Education.
        ●The Commerce Course consists of English, Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics as compulsory subjects. For the fifth subject, students have a choice of Mathematics / Informatics Practices/ Entrepreneurship/ Physical Education/ Multimedia & Web Designing.
        ●The Humanities Course consists of English, Psychology and Sociology as compulsory subjects. Other choices of subjects are Economics, Physical Education, Entrepreneurship, Multimedia & Web Designing and Fine Arts (Sculpture & Painting).
Students are required to pass in both theory and practical examinations individually.

English 100NIL100
Physics 7030100
Chemistry 7030100
Biology 7030100
Mathematics 100NIL100
Computer Science 7030100
Engineering Graphics 7030100
Accountancy 8020100
Business Studies 8020100
Economics 8020100
Informatics Practices7030100
Physical Education7030100

The class XII course culminates into the All India Senior Secondary Examinations, which is also conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Academics is given the top priority at ISM. Under the able guidance of our Principal Dr Rajeev Kumar Chauhan, Vice Principal
Mr. Eskalin Gonsalves,  and Heads of various Departments, academic teaching is supplemented with rigorous follow up of all the lessons. The year plan charts out the entire syllabus for the year. Meticulous care is taken to space out the syllabus throughout the year and the lessons are taught with precision as per the guidelines from CBSE.

A system of worksheets, which have supplementary questions over and above the textual questions is printed for each of the subjects and handed over to each child as well as uploaded on the school's website. This worksheet is discussed in detail in the class and the students are made to write the answers in their respective subject notebooks. A system of "Remedial Classes is in place to aid students to perform better and "High Flier Classes" for high achievers. This system of guiding the child to attain perfection has enabled ISM to establish a strong foothold in Academics among the Gulf schools.

Teaching does not end in the classroom. Subject related field trips and other activities are constantly organised for the students to improve practical and hands-on training. The students are given self-study topics, which they have to research upon and make presentation in class. This improves their ability for insight formation and presentation skills in public. Teachers take utmost care to utilise effective teaching tools such as digital technology. Every classroom is well equipped with a screen, projector and a docking station for the laptop for efficiently transacting the curriculum. This enables technology driven teaching- learning process to take place effectively.


Admission and Promotion Criteria for Class IX and XI


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