welcome_picAugust 15, 1975- A star is born. Since then, the Indian School Muscat has lighted up the educational sky in the Sultanate of Oman. ISM ( as she is known to people who love her ) is synonymous with EXCELLENCE.

From the very outset, the unique nature of this school became evident. The aim of ISM as a community school is to provide quality education to the Indian children in the capital region. It was the zeal, enthusiasm and confidence of the pioneers that made ISM a living breathing reality. When 135 students and 7 teachers entered a small, two – storey rented building close to the American Embassy in the walled city of Muscat, a long cherished dream became became a reality. With the establishment of ISM, families that had been separated were reunited and children had been brought up by both parents. It was the zeal, enthusiasm and confidence of the pioneers that made a living breathing reality. The vision belonged to the Indian community led by His Excellency, the late Nirmaljit Singh, the then ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman, the first patron of the school and by Shri Kanaksi Gokaldas Khimji, the doyen of the Indian Community in the Sultanate, the first President of the Management Committee.

The school owes its current status and stature to the magnificent benevolence of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said. He has bestowed his grace in many forms on this august institution. Thousands of students who passed through the portals of the school in the past 37 years will eternally be grateful for the quality education made possible by this noble gesture of His Majesty and his wise Government. The school has developed into a premiere institution  in the Middle East and currently has 8500 plus students on its rolls offering education right from Kindergarten classes to the XII th Grade in the CBSE system of schooling  from India leading to University education.

To Ms. Zelia D’souza went the honour of being the first Principal. Mr. Leo Lobo, Mr. Y.P. Bharadwaj , Mr. M.M Joshi , Mr Ainsley  L. Edgar and Mr. Achuthan Madhav helped the school grow from strength  to strength. ISM is more than just a premier educational institution,  It is a community linch – pin one that shares a special bond with a big  cross section  of people. The school undertakes responsibility through society through various initiatives built around a concept of all- round education. One such initiative is the Centre of Special Education  catering to children with special needs, overcoming autism, dyslexia and such other challenges in life.

The thousands of students who have passed out of the school bear testimony to the dedication of the teaching community of the school in various fields of Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Architecture , Sports , Performing  other such vocations. Hundreds of alumni have passed through prestigious world ranking institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and alike over these decades have carved a niche for themselves in life. Among the school alumni, there are many award winners ranging from Ful bright Platinum Scholarship holders in Academics to French, Wimbledon U.S. Open Tennis Championships in the realm of sports. The school community is justifiably proud of them.

The school imparts academic education in Humanities, Commerce and Science and imparts life education through sports, Scouts and Guides, excursions, adventure camps, , International Award Scheme , International Student Exchange experiences, stage craft, debates , quizzes , music and such pursuits that develop an individual into a complete human being of value to the society.

The school rededicates itself to further the cause of all round education  by constantly upgrading its teaching methods. For example , digital teaching has been introduced in the year 2005 to add to the computer based education which spans the entire class range from Kindergarten to XII th Grade. Most of the classrooms are equipped with Smart boards and hence, they are fully equipped to meet the challenges of the technology age of this century.

One of the most important inputs to the students is exposure to exalted personalities who are invited to address or interact with the students and for whom the students derive inspiration to mould their thought processes and set their goals. The list of guest include statesmen like the President of India, Royal Family

Members, Prominent sports persons , musicians , eminent thinkers and such exalted persons. As the flagship school , ISM continues to provide academic and administrative support to the other Indian schools in the country. Indeed , it has played a key role in the setting up of the other schools in the capital.

As rightly pointed out by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru “ Schools and colleges stand for humanism, for tolerance, for reason, for progress for the adventure of ideas and for the search of truth. They stand for the onward march of the human race towards higher objectives. When school and colleges discharge their duties adequately then, it is well with the nation and the people.”