Time line of ISM SQAA


Appointment of Agencies
CBSE employs transparent selection procedures to empanel Accreditation agencies
School fill in Form of Intent and send online to CBSE
1Sep 2015
Pre-Planning Stage

  • On receiving Form Letter Intent from a prospective school, CBSE sends an e-mail to the Accreditation Agency.
  • Accreditation Agency appoints Peer Assessors Team (PAT) and sends an acknowledgment to the school

10-15 Sep 2015

Agency orient PAT on the CBSE Manual

Submission of SQAAF by the Schools

  • Assessee School to fill and submit the SQAA form / by post along with related evidence to support the data

15-30 Sep 2015

Pre visit- Analysis Stage
Peer Assessors Team (PAT) and CBSE authorized Agency collate and analyse data, gathered from SQAAF along with evidences and documents submitted by applicant school Only if the school scores 50% initial score (overall) the school plan visit
1 Oct– 15 Nov 2015
School Visit by Peer Assessors Team

Peer Assessors Team [PAT] visits the school (if the school gets the minimum qualifying score) on a mutually convenient date to analyse the data submitted by the school

  • PAT to focus on –
    Chapter 3: 2,3,4, and 5 :Questionnaire (Students, teachers, parents and non teaching staff)
  • Information is gathered through interaction following the administration of questionnaires, which is analysed by acquiring the same from different sources like – physical observation, institutional records etc.
  • The final score to be recorded on Score card and shared with CBSE and school

15-30 Nov 2015

PAT Prepares reports

  • School Quality Enhancement Report – SQER (For Schools)
  • School Quality Assessment and Accreditation Report (SQAAR) -for CBSE and School

Dec 2015