• What is accreditation? What outcomes will the accreditation have on future growth?

    Accreditation is defined as an affirmation of Quality. The Accreditation of a school would mean certification ofa school’s functioning assessed on the basis of predetermined norms in pre-defined areas. The Accreditation isactually intended to serve the purpose of a handy index for the stakeholders since it would give an immediateinsight about the state of affairs in a school

  • When should the school apply for accreditation?

    A School must apply to the agency authorized by CBSE by the third quarter of an ongoing academic session.The last date of submission will be 30th September of the academic year in progression.

  • What is the time frame from preplanning to the closure of the accreditation?

    The total time taken in conducting the accreditation process is approximately 13-14 weeks.

  • Who will be the assessors?

    The assessors will be peers, who are leaders and educationists of repute.

  • What will be the financial implications?

    The monetary implications would include the fee to the authorized agency doing the accreditation process andthe amount involved in hosting the Peer Assessment Team. This amount may change from time to time.

  • When can an institution start using the CBSE logo and highlight their accreditation to thecommunity/society/stakeholders?

    As soon as the qualifying report is sent to CBSE, which is then forwarded to the concerned school, the schoolcan highlight the same on its own website.

  • Who all will be involved in the accreditation process from the school?

    The following persons will be involved from the school that is undertaking the process of accreditation.

    • SMC
    • Principal
    • Administrator/Coordinators
    • Selected Teachers
    • Selected Parents
    • Selected Students