International Conference on Inclusive Education

23rd February 2016

Inclusive Education-Necessity

Muscat, Oman

 Conference on ‘Inclusive Education’ Held

 The first ever International Conference on “Inclusive Education- A Necessity” was organized by the Apex Centre for Special Education under the aegis of the Board of Directors, Indian Schools in Omanon Tuesday, 23rd February 2016 at Indian School Muscat.

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H.E. Dr. Hamoud Bin Khalfan Al Harthi, Undersecretary of Education and Curricula, Ministry of Education was the Chief Guest. H.E. Indra Mani Pandey, Ambassador of India and Mrs. Fatma Noorani, Director General of Private Schools, Ministry of Education were the Guests of Honour. H.H. Dr. Shariffa Khalid Qais Al Said, Education Expert, Ministry of Education delivered the keynote address.

Mrs. Siddiqa Abdul Majeed Al Lawatiya, Director, International Schools Office, Ministry of Education, Chairman Mr. Wilson V. George, Vice Chairman Mr. Kiran Asher and Mr. Arul Michael, Director in-charge of Apex Centre for Special Education also graced the occasion.

Mr. Wilson V George, Chairman, Board of Directors welcomed the dignitaries, guests, Principals of schools and delegates from different schools and institutes to the conference.

In his brief address, H.E. Dr. Hamoud Bin Khalfan Al Harthi appreciated the initiatives of the Board of Directors, Indian Schools in the Sultanate of Oman to bring together intellectual minds on a single platform. He rightly said that “Inclusion is an effort to make sure all learners including children with disabilities access school along with other children and receive specially designed support and instruction” which they need to succeed as learners and to achieve the required competence and skills.

Mrs. Fatma Noorani, Director General of Private Schools, recognized the efforts of the Board to help teachers receive training in early intervention and diagnosis. Mr. Arul Micheal presented the different facets of Inclusion and made the audience realize the importance of the same.

 Her Highness Dr Sharrifa Khalifa Qais Al Said, Education Expert in the Ministry of Education shared the innumerable challenges she had faced in her journey of life and how she succeeded in overcoming her challenges.

A colourful dance presentation by the students of the Apex Centre and the students of the Primary Section Indian School Muscat added flavour to the inauguration.

An e-magazine was released on the occasion. It included contributions from special educators, teachers, counselors from various Indian schools across the Sultanate.

In addition to the large number of participants from different Indian Schools in the Sultanate, there was an overwhelming response from the government, private and international schools with good representation of their delegates in the Conference. The Conference has initiated a platform for interaction among the educators and we are confident that such interactions would continue and fulfill the mission of inclusive education in all schools.

The speakers of the conference were specialists in the field of Inclusive Education.

Ms. Muna Abdul Majeed Al Lawatiya , Head of Special Education School Section , Ministry of Education , Sultanate of Oman spoke in depth about the Inclusion Scenario in Oman .

Ms. Uma KS from Vidyasagar, Chennai, highlighted the Screening / Identification and reflected upon the importance of early intervention for different disabilities.

Dr. Lakshmi Sarkar , Occupational Therapist, Khoula Hospital  spoke about how to identify Sensory and Behavioural issues in class room.

Dr. Analpa Paranjpe, Principal, APEX CSE, presented in depth about the different learning difficulties and strategies to handle.

Mrs. Sujatha Sriram, Consultant for Inclusion, India, stressed on the varied teaching strategies and class room modifications that the teacher needs to adapt while handling inclusion students. She laid special emphasis on modification of curriculum, alternate evaluation, providing scribes, teacher aide and peer buddy support.

Ms. Nalini Sengupta, Principal, Vidya Valley School, India spoke on the equal role of the teachers, special educators and counsellors to help Inclusion. She emphasized the role of the top management and gave practical suggestions for teachers to better their roles in the class room.

Ms. Priya Murali, Vice- Principal, Primary Section briefed the participating teachers about how inclusion is practised in ISM.

Mr Preshob, Student Counsellor, ISM, too shared information about the rights of children with respect to inclusion.

The speakers were honoured by the Chairman, Mr. Wilson V. George in an impressive ceremony. The Director-In-Charge of APEX CSE, Mr. Arul Michael thanked the participants of the workshop. Principal Dr. Analpa Paranjpe thanked the Apex CSE staff who worked tirelessly to make the Conference a grand success.

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