Testing and Evaluation

CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) is introduced by CBSE which helps in improving student’s performance by identifying his/her learning difficulties at regular time intervals right from the beginning of the academic session and employing suitable remedial measures for enhancing their learning performance.

CCE encourages all-round development of a child in all fields. Stress-free activities inspire students to perform well and CCE brings this out very well.

The school has planned its academic schedules as per specified guidelines on CCE.


There will be four Formative Assessments each of with a weighting of 10% each.
There are two Summative Assessments (SA1 and SA2) with a weighting of 30% each.

First Term : FA1(10%) + FA2 (10%) + SA1 (30%) = 50%
Second Term : FA3 (10%) + FA4(10%) + SA2 (30%) = 50%

Formative Assessment is carried using multiple modes of assessment such as assignments, quizzes, debates, Group discussions, Projects and only one pen and paper test.

Two  to  four activities in each subject for formative assessments including four formative tests with two summative assessments along with PSA (Problem Solving Assessment) for class ix.

Two cycle tests with 5% weightage each.

Three Assessments
First Assessment – 20 % Weightage
Second Assesment – 20% Weightage
Final Assessment – 50% Weightage

Pass percentage in each subject – 33%
There will be a PSA examination for standard XI in the month of February for which they will be awarded a certificate.

One Cycle Test
First Assessment
First Preliminary Examination
Second Preliminary Examination
Third Preliminary Examination
Pass percentage in each subject – 33%