Guidelines to Parents

What we expect from our parents is support and good cooperation.
The school and the home share a joint responsibility for the healthy development of children. This is a function of the quality time children spend at school and at home. While we fulfill our responsibility at school, we request you to consider the following:

Please note criticism of the school or teachers in front of your wards. The children will lose respect for the school. Eventually classroom learning gets difficult. This gets  compounded genesis of  the  behavioral issues in the later years.  Any concern/disagreement/request put in writing/mailed to the VPs. They will  bring to the attention of Principal who will certainly look into and take a student friendly decision in the interest of school.

Take keen interest in every day experiences of your child at school. Interact with him/her about what they do at school.

Be a patient listener and express interest in your child’s development.

Be encouraging and supportive about every positive initiative your child takes. Know your child’s likes and dislikes.

Help your child differentiate between desirable and undesirable behaviour. Help him / her to recognize and adopt alternative behaviourfor every undesirable behaviour.

Patiently carry out a dialogue with your child about his/her mistakes.

Try to maintain a continuum between home and school while disciplining your child.

Adopt a positive attitude towards every new activity that your child participates at school.

Be available for your child when he/she needs your support and guidance.

Limit the hours of viewing television and engage them in active outdoor play activities.

Trust your child and give him/her unconditional positive regard. Parent / authorized guardians are expected to carry the parent I-Card/authority letter to VPs  when others come to collect the child from  school premises, failing which the child will not be handed over.

Both Parents are requested to attend the Parent-Interaction meeting with Principal and all events of the school where their presence is expected. Presence is requested by the scheduled time.


It is a serious requirement that school has written record with evidence of a student’s absence.

It is mandatory for a student to bring in a note explaining the cause of absence from a parent or guardian upon returning to school.

An Absence Format is supplied to parents in School Dairy to facilitate this requirement.
Students who are absent should return with a note of explanation from the Parent to the Class Teacher.

If requesting leave for other reasons, a written note should be forwarded. Similarly for special exemption from Sport.

Holidays outside normal term breaks are very much discouraged

Parents, please advise the class teacher in writing with details of any medicine your child needs to take regularly.

Although School has a Medical Room to provide first aid in case of emergency. Still students suffering from contagious diseases should not be sent to school, till the mandatory period of quarantine is over.

School Bag
School Bag of Kindergarten & Primary Students should be as light as possible. Use an attractive bag fitted with light wheels. Check the time table and send only those required books/copies.

Parents should regularly check if all school circulars have been received and preferably we expect the same should be acknowledged  through the diary.

Ensure that your ward has early swift  milk drinks/ mini breakfast and arrange for your ward to reach the school on time, at least 5 minutes before the school begins. Lunch Box may contain Green Vegetables, Seasonal Fruits. Junk Food like Wafers, Burgers, Pizzas should be avoided. School always discourages outside food although few eatables are available in the canteen.

Contacting the School staff
Staff members are to be contacted regarding school matters at school only.

Please refrain from directly visiting the classrooms at any time. The Principal/VPs office/ may be asked if there is an urgent requirement to do so.

Monitor your ward’s progress and feel free to meet the concerned teacher by taking prior appointment.

Staff members may be contacted by email also ( provision is there in Parent’s Suggestion /Contribution ) .

An appointment may be taken through school diary for matters requiring personal meeting.

Transport/Pic up.

If apart from School bus/regular transport, any other alternate arrangement has been made please inform the Class Teacher.

Do not send any one else other than you to pick/drop your child without proper authority letter duly signed by you and with your residence/mobile nos.

In case your child doesn’t reach back at the scheduled timing, don’t panic usually due to traffic jams buses get late. Please contact the school reception for information.

Do not drive close to the school gates to drop/pick your wards. Use ‘one way’ to drive to school. Avoid taking U-turns at the middle of the road or in front of residences or near gates of the school causing inconvenience to other parents.


Fees are payable at the start of Every Quarter. For details check the school diary.
Please pay the school fee of your ward on time every quarter or for full year in advance. Do not wait for reminders and circulars requesting payments..
General Information

Always save in your mobile phone, the GR number/ admission number and class ( asked by the school at the time of fee payment) and have these details on every belongings of your child including uniform/schoolbag etc. This is very useful while tracing if the items are lost/misplaced

Intimate the school of any change in your address and telephone number(s). These are vital and are in the interest of the safety of the students.
Parents should ensure that they spend sufficient time with their wards daily to ensure a good level of understanding.

Smoking is not allowed in our school or near the premises.

When you need to come to school please remember that this is a public educational place. The image you import is affected by your attire. So dress in a smart but honest way so that you will set an example to everyone who sees you.