Extended Learning Program


German Exchange Programme between Indian School Muscat and Gymnasium im Stift Neuzelle, Germany for the year 2016-2017 will span over a period of 12 days starting from 17th June 2016.

The Principal, Mr. Srinivas K. Naidu said that “The aim of the program is to facilitate students a better understanding of other cultures, communities and languages. It is focused on home-stays, language skills, community service and cultural activities. It also strengthens the bond of friendship between the two schools.”

GERMANEXCHANGEThe team comprises of 12 students and two teachers. Rahul Anil, Jeet Palicha, Andrew Prince, Aravind Venkatraman, Akshat Bhatnagar, Pratyush Sivakumar, Dynel Lewis, Santhosh Chandrasekar, Hriditaa Dekate, Aishwarya Suresh, Hiranshi Mistry, Manasvini Sharma accompanied by Mr. Jino Varghese and Mrs. Sherida Agnes De Souza. The Management, Principal, Vice Principal, Senior Section, Mr. Deep Wilson, and the staff extend their good wishes to the team for a fruitful and an enriching experience.

                                     ‘The Horus Piano Duo’ at ISM

Indian School Muscat hosted a musical workshop piloted by the renowned Horus Piano Duo, AhmedAbou-Zahra, and his wife, Nora Emödy; complemented by their beautiful talented daughters -Amira and Mariam, who are immensely talented violinists. The students were mesmerized as the young violinists played classical music compositions. Everyone swayed when the duo performed and a touch of divinity was added when the family performed together. Every corner of the School Hall echoed with their symphonic performance.

The Duo further enriched our Music students and briefed them on various music expressions, the violin and most importantly the way to conduct and lead musicians. They highlighted the purity of Music and the emotions connected that bring out the best in every musician. We were honoured to have this wonderful musical family; that inspire millions around the world, amongst us.

MrSavioD’souza , Music Educator ,ISM along with the school choir hit the right notes as they practiced for the upcoming Mega Event . Our students will have the honour to perform with this immensely talented family. They will be featured in the Mega Music Concert of the Music Chamber Music Series presented byArabesque International on 26th April, 2016, at ABA- An IB World School, Al Khuwair, Muscat.


                ISM students with ‘The Regensburger Boys Choir’ at ROHM
Thirty Indian School Muscatstudents attended the Concert performance of one of the world’s most venerable choirs, the Regensburger Boys Choir at the Royal Opera House Muscat, on 20 April, 2016. The students were accompanied by MrSavioD’Souza, Music Educator; ISM .It was an incredible experience to witness this outstanding dazzling choral musical performance.Our students got the opportunity to meet the Regensburger Boys Choir and this was truly a stupendous and enriching moment for them.



Around 120 students of classes IX-XII along with the teachers & HOD of the Mathematics Department of the senior section of  Indian School Muscat watched the movie ‘ The Man Who Knew Infinity’ at the Shatti Plaza in Qurum on Saturday,7th May 2016. The initiative for the movie was taken by the Mathematics department. The movie was exclusively screened for the students of ISM. The students were excited to learn about the life & struggle of the mathematical genius who died at a young age of 32.

The Man Who Knew Infinity,tells the story of Srinivasa Ramanujan, a largely uneducated Indian mathematician who worked primarily in the World War I era. Ramanujan’s genius was so complete that his ideas still guide the study of black holes, string theory and quantum gravity and inspired recent innovations in computer security.The film dwells on the personal by focusing on Ramanujan’s friendship and collaboration with British mathematician G.H. Hardy, along with the racism and classism Ramanujan suffered while working with Hardy at University of Cambridge.

Exploring Europe- ISM students on a Study Tour

An educational tour to Europe was organized for the senior students of Indian School Muscat. The aim of the tour was to enlighten the students about the art & architectural splendour of Europe right from the ancient to modern times. Taking this aspect, four prominent cities wIMG-20160419-WA0018ere selected for the tour viz London, Paris, Rome & Switzerland.

18 students accompanied by 3 teacher coordinators, Mr. Deepak Roy, Dr. Amruth Iftequar & Mrs.Rahima Imtiaz embarked on this incredible tour. The group was joined by a British guide and they were taken to see all major landmarks, which included Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Dungeons & other places like the Warner Brother’s Studios & Madam Tussauds.  After London, the group reached Paris through a cruise from Dover to Calaise. They had a city tour through the Louvre Museum, Arch de Troimp, Notre Dame & Champ Elysee, and also a cruise through Seine River .

The Students even got a chance to go on Mt. Titlis on cable car Gondola, 10,000 feet above the Alps. They covered the major sites like the Lion Monument & the Chapel Bridge which is supposed to be oldest bridge existing from the medieval era.Children were shown the time elevator, which showcased the entire history of Rome from the time it was built by the twins Romulus & Remus, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, medieval splendour to the present time.


The Students of ISM were able to be a part of a grand & unique tour which was designed to enrich the students in the rich heritage, art, architectural splendour of Europe which was indeed a fun-filled learning experience.