DRAMA CLUB – (2015-’16)


REPORT ON WORKSHOP CONDUCTED on 21st Feb’16 (by Ms. Cal Smith)

Drama is an excellent way to bring emotions and messages to life. Sometimes they also dig under the skin of everyday life to ask big questions and touch on the deepest emotions of normal people. Drama provides children with an opportunity to work together cooperatively. It encourages us to learn how to put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes. It also extends both the range and quality of the language usage.










The drama club was started to aspire students to showcase their talents and enhance the qualities of being realistic, creative and independent. The drama club of ISM conducted a workshop on Sunday 21st Feb 2016. Ms. Cal Smith, the founder of ‘The Aspirations Theatre Academy’ was the resource person. It is the only theatre academy in Muscat where the entire stage show is produced by children and the person behind its success is Ms. Cal Smith. Her dedication and commitment for drama led to the foundation of the academy which focuses on entertainment and development of life skills.

The fun-filled, activity based workshop began at 8 am in the New MPH in the school. Ms. Cal Smith motivated the students with her own experiences and expertise. The programme began with the enlightening presentation which focused on the various aspects of Drama.


Later the children were divided into groups of 6 and were made to engage in various activities. They exhibited their talents of imagination, creating situations and enacting their parts. ‘Smoking causes cancer’ was the topic of discussion and plot. The students actively participated and learnt to develop an attitude to promote, create awareness and use drama as a tool to address the social issues.

Students were given an insight of the various areas such as costume, props, make up and stage management, which play a vital role in a show. All students were filled with enthusiasm and thanked the teachers and the school for giving them this experience and opportunity to learn.


Photo_ISM Winners Ente Keralam Quiz 2014Students from Indian School Muscat excelled in the “Ente Keralam” Inter school Quiz competition organized by Malayalam Wing of Indian Social Club, Muscat on 15th November 2014. It was a grand show with around 700 student participants from various Indian Schools in the Sultanate, who competed under two categories, Junior and Senior.

Two teams, consisted of three students each, from ISM bagged the First and third places in the competition.  The First Place winning team consisted of Lekshmi Anilkumar , Nadha Fathima and Najlah Naushad and the team which won Third Place comprised of Gokulkrishna Manoj, Ashwin Sreekumar and Mifsalu Rahman. All of them belong to Class IX.

The Competition was held in two spells. A written Preliminary Round and a Final Direct Quiz Round. Six teams were shortlisted from the Written Round for the Finals. There were three teams from ISM, selected for the Final Round in the Senior Category. In the Final Round, there were six levels of questions based on various aspects related to Kerala, to examine the knowledge levels of the contestants.

The Limca Book of Records featured “Grand Master” Dr. G S Pradeep, famous for his “Aswamedham” T V Reverse Quiz Show, was the Quiz Master. He, often referred as a “moving encyclopedia”, is known for his high Intellectual and analytical skills and for his keen grasp of world and current affairs. He has been in the limelight, on Malayalam and Tamil Television.

The winners will be awarded the prizes, certificates and mementos during the “Keralothsavam” celebrations scheduled later this year.



Literary Club has been the most vibrant with its activities spanning over the entire academic year of the school with students’ participation in presenting ‘Thought for the Day’ and ‘Speech’ at all morning assemblies of the school. The activities of the club are coordinated by Dr. Alex C. Joseph and he has been assisted by the following teachers for the activities of the different classes:

Mrs. C.P. Leela for Class IX , Mrs. Anu B. Mathew for Class X , Mrs. Geeta N. Chauhan for Class XI, Mrs. Madhumathi B for Class XII

In addition to the daily morning assembly, the club has successfully conducted the first ever ‘Lit Fest’ in the school. It was a delicious mixture of Poem Recitation, Etiquettes, Essay Writing, Street Play, Quiz and Shakespeare Pageantry. Opportunities were open to all senior students to participate and match their literary, oratorical and histrionic talents with their peers and the event provided them with an all-supportive audience at the school morning assembly.

The literary activities of the students have been identified and encouraged by publishing their works in weeklies and other publications. Opportunities are also given to the students to present their literary works at the morning assemblies.

The literary club is proud to announce the works of two students – Miss ShreyaZalani and Master RajatAsthana of Class XII – who published their full-fledged novels last year. Miss ShreyaZalani has written a fiction novel titled ‘Upheaval’ and the book has been published by the Amazon publications. The story revolves round a drug-ring busting assignment of secret agent Nicole Knight. ‘Upheaval’ is on sale on in both the e-book and paperback formats and will appeal to teenagers and young adults.

Master RajatAsthana’s ‘A One Hundred and Twenty Six Moments’ deals with the author’s reminiscences of his yesteryears at ISM. It is a narrative about three friends and their experiences at school.

Rajat’s second book ‘Lost, Forgotten, Found’ revolves round the search for a school friend for seven years. A person’s mistakes might cost another person’s life, is the pitch given by the author in this book. The books have been released by Captain G.R. Gopinath, founder of Deccan Airways, at a special function held at ISM




Training students for Astronomy quiz conducted by other schools.

Sending Sky maps showing monthly positions of stars and important constellations , videos, information regarding astronomy, quiz questions in astronomy through email to student members .

During Science exhibition five students made presentations on Theories on Origin of Universe, Theory of Relativity.

Guiding students who are planning  to study Astro Physics  in foreign Universities to complete Mandatory Project Work .



Main Aim of the Heritage Club : To promote heritage education in order to understand the heritage of the world in general and India in particular.

Objectives of the Heritage Club: To understand and inculcate  respect for diversity, tolerance, mutual understanding, patience and promote peaceful co-existence. Inspiring students to understand our past and present. Equipping students to explore local heritage and gain confidence. Encouraging students to learn about varied national heritage. Inculcating the spirit to conserve our heritage.


Co-ordinator: Mr.Biju Varghese
Teachers in Quiz Club:
Mr. GajendraVarathan,Mrs.SoumiaHarikrishna, Mr.SajuJagannath, Mr.VetriSelvan, Mrs.Beena Alex, Mrs.RubiShaji Thomas, Mrs. Sridevi Nair ,Mrs.Pradeepa Sunil, Mrs.Anuradha Suresh

senior_01Quiz Club was formed in 2008 under the guidance of our Principal Mr.Achuthan Madhav. The club conducts  Inter-Houses GK Quiz, IT Quiz, History Quiz, Environment Quiz, and Quizzes for Class IX and X. Quiz Club also selects and trains students to participate in Quizpot, Quanta, Terra Quiz and other Inter-School quizzes conducted in Oman and outside the country. During the past years, ISM won Quiz Pot, Times of Oman Inter-School Quiz, Terra Quiz in 2011 and 2012, and was runner up in Quanta 2008, and Terra Quiz in  2009. We also have a page on facebook ‘ISM QUIZ CLUB ’for sharing current information with enthusiastic students. Quiz Club strives for excellence with active involvement of teachers and students.


Coordinated by Mrs. Lalitha .G. Mallya, Department of Biology
Other faculty members involved : Mr. GangadharNaik, Dr. AmruthIftiqar,
Mrs. AnuradhaVenkatramanan , Mrs. Anuradha Suresh , Mrs. Sridevi Nair


   The club activities are developed  to create  strong values on environmental protection and preservation through Green practices in and around the campus and  to ensure participation in all the eco-friendly activities held  in Oman . Following are the main themes –

Have indoor plants in each class room, maintain them well .Plant more trees in the school premises, learn more about different types of plants that can be grown in school garden and make the garden more rich with variety of plants

Bring green salads in lunch boxes instead of oily and fat rich food

Best cleanliness practices were organised to keep the class rooms, corridors and school campus very clean and hygienic.

Awareness is brought through creativity by involving in slogan writing, poster making, skit competitions, celebration of important days and events related to environment protection and message given during the assembly to remind the responsibility of keeping healthy and eco friendly.


CO-ORDINATOR: Mr. Saju Jagannath
Teachers: Mr.Deepak Keshari, Mrs. Anuradha Suresh

The aim of the club is to promote the art of photography among the students.The students are given ample opportunity to display their talents. All the major school functions and school assemblies are photographed  by the students of the club.

Two of our club members  V.Aarthi of Class-IX – I and Swarna Francis – Class XI – I have participated in ISD NIKON Inter-School Photography competition held at Indian School Darsait on 10-01-2013 and secured   ‘A’ Grade certificates.