Academics is given top most priority in ISM. Under the able guidance of our Principal and our Vice- principals, academic teaching is supplemented with a rigorous follow-up all the lessons. The year plan charts out the entire syllabus for the year. Extreme care is taken to space out the syllabus throughout the year and the lessons are taught with precision as per the guidelines from CBSE.

A system of worksheets, which have supplementary questions over and above the textual questions is printed for each of the subjects and handed over to each child. This worksheet is discussed in detail in the class and the students are made to write the answers in their respective subject notebooks. On alternative Wednesdays, an enrichment worksheet is prepared by the teachers to add further insight into the topic covered during the fortnight. It also includes the board questions along with the solutions. These enrichment sheets are the brain child of our Principal, MrAchuthanMadhav who believes in the adage ‘Practice makes perfect’. This system of drilling the child to perfection has enabled ISM to rank among the topmost in Academics among the Gulf schools.

Teaching does not end in the classroom. Subject related field trips and other activities are constantly being given to the students to improve practical and hands-on training. The students are given self-study topics, which they have to research upon and make presentation in class. This improves their ability for insight formation and presentation skills in public. Teachers take care to make use of digital technology wherever it can be applied to the subjects. 75% of the classrooms are aided by the presence of Smart Boards.