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Quick links – Website for fairy tales – Website for moral stories
Website for Hindi shortStories– Multiple choice animal and bird quiz questionshttp:// Simple science experiments that can be done at home with the help of the parent. More important the experiments can be chosen according to the age. – Details of famous sports personalities which every Class III and Class IV student should know. – United States
Learn “synonyms”, “antonyms” and “homonyms “with this English vocabulary games for kids– Many interactive English Games and activities to help improve basic English . A highly recommended website for children .’s true! You can learn how to draw cartoons right here, right now. – 3 States of Matter -Lesson for Kids, School Education Video

Children’s Songs with Downloadable Kids Music
Listen to the melodies of your favourite kids’ songs. Download the song to your computer. With Lyrics to read. The words to 2,000 of the most popular children’s favourite songs are available on this website.