Primary LearningProgram

Guidelines to Parents

General Instructions to Parents

How can you support your child with homework?

Homework helps your child:

  • to reinforce knowledge and skills learned
  • to learn to work by himself/herself
  • to organise and manage his/her time.

Homework helps you:

  • to keep in touch with your child’s learning in school
  • to monitor your child’s progress
  • to notice any problems your child may be having


Homework won’t always be written work. For example, your child may be asked to watch a television programme of particular interest or to interview you or his/her grandparents for a history project. The most important way that you can support your child’s learning at home is by  showing an interest in what your child is doing. Ask questions which encourage your child to give more than a yes or no answer, such as, can you tell me about your picture? or teach me something you learned in Hindi  today.  Praising your child’s efforts is also very important.

Discuss homework with your child and  agree when, how and where homework should be done. Think about things such as having a quiet undisturbed place and whether your child works better alone or with brothers/sisters/friends. Decide a time when your child will best be able to concentrate on the work. Help your child to plan for the use of homework time in advance and encourage him/her to organise the books, clothes and equipment he needs for the following school day. If your child needs help with homework, support him/her to find ways to solve the problem for him/herself rather than doing the work for your child.  The class teacher should be able to answer any questions you may have about helping with homework.

Why is it important to support my child’s learning at home ?

Learning at home is important for a number of  reasons:

  • opportunities for learning at home help children connect what they have learned in school to real-life situations, for example, using the skills they learned in physical education in playing games in their local community
  • research studies  show that when parents read to and with their children at home, children make better progress in reading. Your child will love to tell you all about what he/she has learned in school and your encouragement and support will help him/her grow in confidence as he/she progresses and develops in all areas.


Other General Instructions to Parents

It is very vital for the child to receive support from the parent  at home at the Primary Level.  So, the team of teachers request you to check the homework that is given  on a day to day basis. Please send all the materials needed for the Class activity/ Project. Also ensure that your child carries his/her books according to the time- table. Neatness of the written presentation as well as maintenance of the notebooks will be time and again reminded by the teacher. We request you to help us in re-emphasising this aspect at home too. If the student is expected to find information , help the child to surf the information needed. If the child is reading out the thought for the day or the news on the P.A system or the stage , help your child practise reading the material at home as it would improve the performance of child on stage. Your child should read a lot of books as it is opens a world before him/her. This is the most important focus for educators and parents. Reading books initially may be difficult for students but when the habit is formed it helps them in a variety of ways. Students will be able to express better with  better vocabulary. It gives  a glimpse of other cultures and places. It improves creativity and self- esteem. It also builds  reasoning skills and expertise. Above all, it gets the students away from digital distractions. We also request you not to pre – teach  at home because the methods adopted for teaching lessons are unique and stimulating. The child who knows everything before hand is bored. This must be avoided as much as possible.

Children of the Primary Section take part in a variety of assemblies . To name a few that are coming up-Republic Day Assembly and Thanks Giving assembly . We receive a lot of support from you parents in organising the costumes for the assemblies. In case you need any clarification regarding the costumes or the role, you may contact the class teacher either by meeting her personally between 7 a.m to 8 a.m or sending a note in your child’s calendar.

We are here to make  your child ‘s learning  pleasurable, enjoyable and holistic. Your child will reap the benefits if you are with us at every juncture.