Primary LearningProgram


A good education should enable men, to release, to mature to discipline the human mind and spirit” – John H.Fischer

For every teacher in the campus, education means drawing out the best in child’s body, mind and spirit. The aim of ISM keeping in line with Mahatma Gandhi’s thought is to provide an education that helps one’s journey through life. It must help one to be self – reliant, independent but selfless as well.
The school’s curriculum is well conceived , formulated and implemented by the HODs and the dedicated staff through the academic programs. The physiological, psychological, intellectual, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual growth of the child receives top priority when the curriculum is planned. Individual and social needs of the child are given top priority while preparing the syllabus.

The following subjects are introduced to the students at the Primary Level.

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Science ( In STD I and STD II )
  • Social Studies ( In STD III and STD IV )