Extended Learning Program

The time spent by a student at school should be purely utilized for learning. With this motive the ELP for students is conducted when for some unavoidable reason a teacher is not able to conduct her/his regular class.

Extended Learning Program is an extension to the general curriculum that creates educational opportunities for students which helps in enhancing their educational needs over and above the general curriculum. ELP worksheets are offered mainly in the following subjects English, Maths and Logical & Reasoning Ability. The ELP worksheets in English enhance the reading and comprehending skills of the students. Factual information is used in these worksheets which help them learn English using inter disciplinary methods. Activity sheets on grammar are given to improve their abilities with grammar, improve their vocabulary skills, etc. Maths worksheets help them sharpen their mathematical abilities. Worksheets are also given to improve the logical and analytical skills of the students.

SUCCESS:The ELP in the Middle school is a continuous learning process for students. As always we emphasize that all activities at school are a joint venture between parents and the school. Hence we have a humble request for parents to involve themselves and find about their wards involvement in the Extended Learning Program by a simple gesture of speaking to their children about the same.