In Middle Section, children are provided education in line with the global educational trends. Middle Section is committed to the use of technology in learning and has an extensive programme of value-based education where emphasis is laid on personal and social values.

Our students get ample opportunity to display their skills in essay writing, art, music and dance programmes and competitions. The Inter-Class competitions in recitations, story telling, elocutions, Quiz competitions and debates in English and Hindi are a part of the curriculum. Exhibitions form an integral part of the Middle Section programme

Character-building is the hallmark of the Students’ Prefectorial System.

The regular teaching is also supplemented with Educational Tours to Museums and Factories in Oman and also extended to India and abroad.
Shastra Pratibha, Olympiads in Science and Mathematics are regularly conducted.

We conduct ‘Parent-Orientation Programmes and parent-teacher meetings to exchange views and to make parents and the community part of the whole educational process. .

The Middle Section provides ample opportunities for its students to gain exposure to the latest teaching in Sciences and Languages.