Counseling Activities

  • Activities
  • Screening and Diagnosing
  • Individual sessions to support and help studentsof Pre-Primary, Primary,  Middle and  Senior to help in areas such as,
  • Increasing span of attention& sitting, finger dexterity, fine motor skills, eating habit, toilet training, School refusal, specific learning disabilities, Study skills, test taking skills, note taking skills, pre-teen developmental issues, internet misuse, curiosity, experimenting, addictions, bullying, peer pressure, personalcrisis, adolescent developmental issues, scholastic problems, behavioural and emotional problems, substance abuse, time management, memory techniques, relaxation techniques, overcoming exam anxiety, Career Information Giving, assisting students to apply for higher education etc.;
  • Parenting Skills Workshops
  • Workshops for Teachers
  • Organising Universities visits
  • Leadership Exchange Programs
  • Support for other Indian Schools
  • Periodical meeting with counsellors from other schools