Indian School Muscat being the largest community school in the region, our students and parents are our primary customers. They have continuous  to the school day in and day out. The Administration Department consisting of maintenance of the school plant and readying it for classroom instructions and activities which requires administration and technical support for the smooth transaction of the daily needs of the children. We strive hard every day formally focusing on the progressive aspects of academic , with final documentation areas.. Addressing operational requirements of large number of students, parents, staff and the management requires a tall order work.

We believe in providing the best services to the stakeholders and to bring genuine satisfaction. This can be achieved only through concerted efforts co-ordinated from the Principal’s Office, finance and the transport operation sectors.

We seek to be dedicated, fair and  accountable to the management decisions. In everything we do for the welfare of the children. We are also aware of our responsibility to contribute greatly safety of our children. In the classroom environment lightings, movement, seating, fire and safety and health are surveyed round the clock to facilitate the next day’s school activities.