ISM students have found a place in

Thirteen students of ISM have found a place in THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS by being a part of a team called MICQ (based in Chennai) in making the WORLDS LONGEST CROCHETED SCARF measuring 14.09 kilo metres. Nearly 700 women and children across India & Indian diaspora in different countries have come together in making this scarf. 52 Indian women & 27 children from Oman have contributed towards making the world’s longest crocheted scarf.

Kids from Team Oman have contributed 2 scarves per head ,each measuring 7 inches wide & 80 inches long which were later sent to Chennai & were joined together with the rest of contributed scarves to make this longest scarf. This was not only a Guinness record attempt but also a mission with a cause. The world-record scarf was dismantled into nearly 5400 individual pieces, most of which was donated to local NGOs across India. Around 900 scarfs were sent to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and heads of state and government as a step towards global democracy & solidarity and spreading peace.

The finale was held on 21st May,2017 at MNM Jain Engineering college, Chennai where it was officially announced that the group has crossed the benchmark of 1 km distance set by Guinness and achieved 14.09 kilometer scarf . The details of all the children from ISM who were a part of this great mission and endeavour are Joshua Emmanuel Samuel ( 3E ), Samantha Eldora ( 4H ) , V.E Sumiksha ( 6 H ), Vaibhavie Dhiyanesh ( 7A ) , Aditi Sawant ( 7H ) , Pravachana Jasmine (7J), Akshitaa J ( 8F ) , Prajesh Kesavan ( 9F ) , Yazhini ( 10 D ) , Pearline Chrissie ( 10 H ) , Jewel Ann D’cruz ( 11 B ) and Vikesh Kesavan ( 11 F ).The President of the School Management Committee Mr. N. Omanakuttan and the Principal , Dr Rajeev Kumar Chauhan appreciated the children for this great work.


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