Code of conduct

Students / Dress code


  • Students must strictly adhere to the rules of the school regarding the uniform and their turn-out.
  • Any deviation from the prescribed uniform is unacceptable. Parents are requested to monitor the turn-out of their ward/s in the morning before they set off for school. The students not conforming to this will be directed to the Student’s Resource Room. Here under the supervision of a teacher, they will carry out academic enrichment work as given by their subject teachers. All such students will be marked absent for that day.
  • The parents must ensure that they pick up the right fabric prescribed by the school for their ward’s uniform. They need to be careful as some readymade garment sellers sell outfits which do not conform to the school specification.
  • Boys are expected to have a proper hair cut. They are not permitted to sport long side burns / beards while they are in the school. While the boys must keep their hair short and well-groomed, the girls must tie up their hair in a plait with white / black elastic hair bands.
  • Coloring of hair is strictly prohibited. Boys are not allowed to use gel / cream and sport spikes on their hair.
  • On all the days the students are expected to wear proper shoes as follows:
    Do’s   Not allowed to wear
  • Must wear black leather shoes with laces.
  • Ensure that their shoes are polished every day.
  • Shoes without laces, having high heels, rexene or sports shoes.
  • Must wear black leather polished shoes with straps.
  • Shoes having high heels, rexene or sports shoes.
  • The white shoes worn on P.T. days ought to be white.
  • Boys must wear pants above their waist and no baggy pants will be allowed. They must wear black belts with no fancy buckles.
  • All students are expected to keep their finger nails trimmed regularly. No nail polish is allowed.
  • Girls must wear white plain socks up to their calf muscles. No designs or brand names or stripes are permitted. The skirt should be at least 3 inches below the knee..
  • Boys are not permitted to wear earrings, chains, bracelets or rings. Girls are permitted to wear small earrings and a thin chain with a single pendent. They are not allowed to wear any other fancy jewellery.
  • ISM is a secular institution. So, no student is allowed to display his / her religious affinity in behaviour or in attitude.
  • No student is expected to wear a cap except during outdoor activities.
  • For evening games students must wear proper sports outfit with shoes.
  • For tutorials and tuitions, students must report in proper school uniform. Girls are not expected to move around in shorts within / outside the school premises.
  • Students are expected not to assemble outside the school in large
  • gatherings or squat in front of the shops and buildings near the school.


  • Students are expected to be regular and punctual to school.
  • Students must report to school at 7.05 a.m. The D-block rear side gate will be closed at 7.10 a.m. Students reporting late for third time in a month will be marked absent. The students not conforming to this will be directed to the Student’s Resource Room. Here under the supervision of a teacher, they will carry out academic enrichment work as given by their subject teachers.
  • In the event of their inability to attend school for any reason, they are expected to call up their Class teacher, HODs or the Vice-Principal on the same day and bring a leave note duly signed by their parents the following day, failing which he/she will be marked absent .
  • If a student is absent for more than two days without a Medical Certificate a Pink Slip will be issued.If this act is repeated again, it will lead to suspension
  • If a girl student absents herself from school, the parents must inform the Class teacher, HODs or the Vice-Principal before 7.05 a.m. the same day.
  • No student is allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the school authorities.
  • Absenting oneself from a lesson or leaving the school without the permission of the authorities is a serious offence. It should be avoided at all times. Students in uniform are not expected to visit any other places during school timings.
  • Mass absenteeism before any examination must be avoided. If a student is unable to produce a valid Medical certificate for being absent on such an occasion, he /she will not be allowed to write the examination at the stipulated time.


  • While every effort is made to reduce the weight of the school bag, the parents and the students are expected to actively cooperate with the school in achieving this goal. The students are expected to bring only the books required for the day as per the time table.
  • Bringing CDs, video cassettes, mobiles, I-Pods, adult magazines ,cameras, walkmans, disc man, MP3 players etc. to school is strictly prohibited.
  • Crackers are a contraband item. Bringing them to school is a serious offence.
  • No posters, fixtures and stickers are permitted in the school.
  • Use of GSM is strictly banned on the premises. Pay-phones and school phones are available for communication when there is a genuine need.
  • If any student is found using a GSM, it will be confiscated and not returned to the owner.
  • Carrying chewing gum or bubble gum to school is not permitted.
  • Carrying or using any tobacco product or illegal substance is strictly prohibited.


  • Use of foul or abusive language is strictly prohibited.
  • The students are expected to greet and show respect to teachers and other staff members at all times.
  • All students are expected to be well-mannered and friendly in their interaction with peers, members of staff and school authorities.
  • A student declared as a second time offence defaulter in any manner / given a warning for any breach of discipline will not be allowed to participate in any sports / games or take part in inter / intra school matches / will not be allowed to take part in any co-curricular activities and not allowed to hold any post.


  • Students are to realize that the school and its property belong to them and is provided for their comfortable stay.
  • They are not permitted to scribble on their desks tops, on the back rest of chairs, walls of the class-rooms, toilets, corridors, boundary walls, etc.
  • Students are expected to take care of the bathroom fittings, classroom fittings, notice boards etc.
  • No student is permitted to tamper with school property. Students shall bear the cost of any school property damaged by them.
  • School will not interfere in any given situation where a student has indulged himself in a serious delinquency act outside school premises e.g. damage to property of staff, and has been reprimanded by the ROP.


Tutorial Classes are organized on payment of a nominal fee in the school at a convenient time for the benefit of the students who are in need of additional coaching. The students are encouraged to join these classes.

Parents are expected to note the timings for the tutorials, extra classes and coaching classes in order to ensure that their wards are dropped and picked up on time.

However, a minimum of five students must be registered with a teacher to start these classes.

Copying in an examination is a serious offence. No student is allowed to involve himself / herself either in copying or in helping others to copy. In such a case, the student will be awarded a zero in the subject.

Forging signatures in any manner is an offence. Tampering with marks and grades either on the answer papers or on the progress report is strictly prohibited. In such a case, the student will be awarded a zero in the subject.

Students must report to school in proper uniform on examination days, failing which they may be refrained from writing the examination, after proper warning is given.

Any other act of indiscipline which does not figure here, and is not acceptable to the school will be dealt with severely and appropriate punishment will be meted out to the offender.

The safety of your ward in the school is of utmost concern to us here at ISM.

In view of this, a number of staff members and assisting staff are deployed daily during rush hours to regulate the smooth flow of traffic and to control the movement of students. The cooperation of all parents in this matter is solicited.

It is recommended that every student makes a sincere effort to follow the traffic safety rules given below:

  • Walk carefully by the side of the road on a pavement.
  • Look for vehicles on either side of the road before you cross a road.
  • Cross the road only at zebra crossings wherever possible.
  • Even while crossing the road at a zebra crossing, please look for speeding vehicles.
  • Avoid running anywhere except on the play ground.
  • Avoid walking close to the parked vehicles.
  • Do not cross the road in front of a stationery vehicle without signaling the driver.
  • Do not run besides a moving bus or get down from a moving vehicle.
  • Board a vehicle only when it has come to a complete halt.
  • Sit up right in your seat and hold the railing or any other support especially while travelling in a big bus.
  • Do not stand on the seat and look back through the rear windshield or throw anything out of the window of a moving vehicle.
  • Do not put your head or hand out of a moving vehicle.