Clubs and Societies

CAISM (Club Activities of ISM)

Rise ‘N’ Shine

Indian School Muscat strives to develop holistic development of its students through their participation in club activities.  They are encouraged to join in these clubs to pursue areas of personal interests.  During the current academic ISM is offering various club activities appropriate to their age and interest.

The following clubs are in full function in all the three sections of ISM.  Regular meetings are conducted during the 3rd Saturday of every month.  Students are given opportunities to have an all-round development through various activities of the clubs.

  1. Charity Club
  2. Drama Club
  3. Literary Club
  4. Astronomy Club
  5. Robotics Club
  6. Eco & Health Club
  7. Photography Club
  8. Heritage Club
  9. Music Club
  10. Quiz Club
  11. Sanskriti Club
  12. Finance Club

Astronomy Quiz 2014

The final round of the Astronomy Quiz was conducted on 06 November 2014 in the New Multipurpose Hall. Members of Quiz Club and Astronomy Club formed the spectators. ISM Quiz Club In-charge Mr. Biju Varghese, was the Quiz Master. The selection rounds of this Quiz Competition were held on 20 October 2014 in the Senior Physics Laboratory. Six teams consisting three members each were shortlisted for the final spell.

IMG-20141106-WA0019 astronomy Quiz 1In the finals, the following students outrivaled their opponents and emerged winners. The team comprising of Stancey D’Souza XII D, Dhruv Warrior   XIIC and Krishna Chetlur X G won the First Position. Second Position was bagged by the team Srikamal IX A, Gladis Sara Sunny IX Fand  Maitrayee Singh IXB. The team consisted of Pashin Raja XII A, Aparajit Gnanasekaran XII A and Vatsal Mandalia XII A was declared third position holders.

Principal Mr. Srinivas K Naidu, present on the occasion, appreciated the hard work of the Astronomy Club in keeping the students efficient and equipped with the latest tendencies in the promising turfs of Astronomy. Mr. Vetriselvan, HOD Physics and Mrs. Ruby Thomas of the Physics Department structured the entire event.

Health And Eco Club

The enthusiastic students of health and eco club of ism, senior section took up a project of growing vegetable plants in the school premises . Seeds of lady’s finger, chilly, maize and bitter guard were sown after making the soil ready . It was a joy to see the fruiting in the plants within a month. It was a great experience for the  students to learn the biological concepts of flowering, pollination, fertilisation and fruit formation.

health and eco club (2) health and eco club (1)

Charity Club


The Charity club of Indian School Muscat organised Rock Fest on 6th November 2014.The new MPH decked with splendour and there was an atmosphere of gaiety when the students swayed and sang. The various schools that participated in this

rocking competition were ISWK , ISD ,ISG and ISM . Eight teams participated and gave their best to take the lead. ISM rocked and bagged the first and second position and ISWK gained the third position .The programme was sponsored by parents and various institutions in Oman. The funds will aid in various charity programme. This venture was well supported by SMC of ISM ,Our principal and vice principal. We thank each one of their support. Mr, Joyson Cyril coordinated the entire programme.

When it comes to work as a community for a good cause, there are loads of charity events taking place at Indian School Muscat. From raising money through Rock Fest to Solidarity marches, Cleaning Drives, helping the needy etc. a series of events have been organized.

On 16 of November, 2014 around 20 students of the charity club of ISM attended the 13th I-care Water Distribution Event.

IMG-20141127-WA0005 IMG-20141127-WA0006 (1) IMG-20141127-WA0006 IMG-20141127-WA0007 IMG-20141127-WA0008 (1)The event aimed at inculcating a sense of charity among students through distribution of cold water bottles to construction workers. The workers were distributed water before lunch time showing allegiance and appreciation with for their hard work.

Drama Club

ISM Students Visit Royal Opera House Muscat

The Drama Club of Indian School Muscat organized a visit to The Royal Opera House Muscat, on Wednesday 5th November 2014, for the team of students who worked zealously backstage for the Inter House Drama Competition. The students accompanied by Mrs. Novena Augustine and Mr. Aslam Sheriff had the opportunity to witness the technical aspects of theatre through running narrative from the experts in the areas of Sound, Lighting and Costume.

Drama club ROHThe visit helped the students realize that the success of a performances on stage is the result of many skillfull individuals working together tirelessly and meticulously behind the scene. They carried home the message that art is the mixture of both the real and the unreal which gives birth to creative and imaginative churning, enabling one to transcend the mundanity of real life.




A group of twenty eight students and three teachers of ISM Literary Club, under the coordination of Mrs. Novena Augustine visited the Oman Observer Daily on 07th September 2015. It is a part of the ongoing field exposure programme with the objective of stirring students with literary aptitude and creative flair into the world of professional writing. It was a step taken towards the goal for those who considered journalism as their future career.

Students were brought home to the various stages of newsprint beginning with data collection, editing and the technicalities of modern printing press.  Students had the rare opportunity to talk to the Chief Editor, senior journalists and other technicians at the press.  They watched keenly the complete process of news printing – from the desktop to the hardcopy – the fresh news print. The students were given the chance to talk to e-news Journalists and were eager to know more about the possibilities of e-journalism.

The visit helped the group to get hands- on experience and a general idea about the intricate and complex processes of newsprint and journalism.


A team of 55 students accompanied by 6 teachers went on a field trip to study the process of printing. The team visited the Times of Oman printing press on the 9th of September.

Students were made to understand the process of printing by the supervisors in the press. They were allowed to see the printing of the Arabic weekly and the printing of the Thursday Magazine. From the plate to the rubber felt and then on to paper at a speed of 3500 copies in an hour, the entire process was amazing to the students. They raised several doubts and the team benefited a lot about the process of making a newspaper.

Charity Club


IMG_3082 IMG_3185 (4) IMG_6190Indian School Muscat Charity Club and the Students’ Council jointly organized ‘ROCK FEST’, an Inter-school Music Band Competition, to raise funds for needy students, on Thursday, 6th November 2014, in the New Multipurpose Hall. A  total of  seven teams from four Indian Schools in the Sultanate contested with great vigour, showcasing their thirst to excel.

The event commenced with the ushering and formal welcome of the honourable guests and judges. Mrs.Shaheen Kasmani, Assistant Vice Principal Primary Section and ISM alumni, welcomed the gathering. Dr. Avirat Vaishnav, President, School Management Committee, through his address, stole the hearts of the students listing the celebrated rock band titles of bygone decades.  He highlighted the need for evolving nascent trends among students and their role in forming competant younsters capable of keeping pace with the demands of the times.

Entry to the event was restricted to the participating schools only. The ISM alumni being a part of this event , it marked the beginning of the year long celebrations of the 40th anniversary of Indian School Muscat. The rock teams from Indian School Muscat, Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir, Indian School Al Gubra and Indain School Darsait rocked the audience with thier mesmerising performances. Bands titled Injustice & Question Mark of Indian School Muscat, Xtinction & Slypnosis of Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir, The Vultures & Mayday of Indian School Al Gubra and Rockers of Indian School Darsait conquered the hearts of the audience and created a long lasting impact over the audience.

Mr. Deep Wilson, Vice Principal Senior Section, announced the results of the competition prior to the Vote of Thanks. The band ‘Question Mark’ of ISM bagged the maiden First Position of the Rock Fest. Bands ‘Injustice’ of ISM and ‘Xtinction’ of Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir, walked away with second and third positions respectively. ‘The Vultures’ of Indian School Al Gubra recieved the consolation prize.

The honours were bestowed on the winners, jointly by Dr. Avirat Vaishnav, Principal Mr. Srinivas K Naidu, Mr. Deep Wilson, Mrs. Geeta Chauhan Asst. Vice Principal Senior Section, and Mrs.Shaheen Kasmani, in presence of the eminant judges and other dignitaries. Mr. Joyson Cyril, Coordinator of the School Charity Club and Mr. Aklary Sajindran, coordinator of various Clubs at ISM, left no stone unturned to galvanise this charity event.

A Bookish Affair

The 13th and 14th of April, 2014 saw ISM hold its first ever ‘Book Bank Book Sale’ in the nbookish_affairew Multipurpose Hall. The Book Ban initiative was first put forth by the Student Council, following the initial suggestion offered by the Head Boy, K.R. Vigneshwar. Under this scheme, reams of valuable second-hand guidebooks, sample test papers, and other reference material were collected from students no longer in need of them, and sold to all interested students at the throwaway price of 500 baizas per book for any book. This programme’s immense success is reflected in by hundreds of students who flooded the stalls in search of helpful guides and other books. All funds earned from the Book Bank Book Sale will be donated to the school’s Charity Club, where they will be further used to help students in need, and for other noble causes.

Music Club

The Music Club members and singers of the Western and Indian Choirs had a wonderful music clubsession and interaction with Mr. Glenn Fernandes, lead guitarist and founding member of the Fusion Band SUR from Mumbai. This was held in the New Multipurpose hall of Indian School Muscat on the 29th May.  Mr. Glenn spoke to the students about taking music as a career – the options, the business angle, the work (practice) involved, the do’s and dont’s etc. The students also viewed a few of the videos of his band SUR in concert and in the studios.


The Drama club of senior school organized a workshop on Drama for its student members on Sunday 24th August 2014 from 9am to 11am in the old multipurpose hall of the school.The workshop was conducted by the theatre artist Miss Harvinder Kaur from National school of Drama, Delhi.

Dramaclub2DramaclubThe Principal Mr. Srinivas .K. Naidu, Vice-principal Mr. Deep Wilson and Asst. Vice-principal Mrs. Geeta Chauhan inaugurated the workshop and the Principal encouraged students for their active participation.

The workshop throughout was interesting and enriching as the resource person engaged the students in various activities to help them know and learn about the different aspects of theatre. The student members enjoyed and learned with each session and it was a rewarding experience for all the 130 student participants.

The workshop concluded with Mr. Deep Wilson thanking Miss Harvinder Kaur for spending her valuable time with our students and handing a momento as token of appreciation. He also thanked the co-ordinating teachers Mr. Sajeendran, Mr. Joyson Cyril, Mrs. Smita James and Mr. Aslam Sheriff for providing an enriching opportunity for our students.

 Sanskriti Club

The Sanskriti Club was formally inaugurated on Saturday 3rd may 2014 with 45 students as its members
sanskriticlubinaugurationThe highlight of the inaugural function was the presence of the principal Mr. Srinivas K. Naidu who has taken a keen interest in its inception.  The guest of honour was Mr. Ajit Singh, who is working as a General Group Manager for Ajit Khimji Group. Through his presentation and speech he enlightened the students about the importance of Personality Development
The programme started with the welcome speech given by Neha (club member) followed by the principal’s speech on self-grooming. The session continued with the PowerPoint Presentation given by the guest of honour.  The club members found the whole programme highly informative, it generated a great response and enthusiasm among the club members.

The Sanskriti  Club

The Sanskriti Club in continuation of its fulfillment of nurturing skills in various etiquettes, Sanskriticluborganized a trip to the National Hospitality Institute Al Wadi Al Kabeer on 18th and 27th August 2014 for 41 member students. The Children were accompanied by their Coordinator & Teacher, Mrs. Sheeba George, Mrs Zeeshan Farheen and  Dr. Amruth Iftequar.

The Students had a wonderful experience with the faculty of the college who demonstrated various tasks for the benefit of the students. These included, Table manners, Setting up tables for parties, Catering to the Guests, Coffee making & Bread making. The Student were taken to a tour of College, explained the courses offered along with their importance. Our Principal, Srinivas K Naidu graced the trip by coming & talking to the faculty & exchanging views & taking inputs from the Principal & faculty of NHI.

All in All the Students had a wonderful trip & came highly enriched which was a great feather in the cap of the Club.


Literary Club has been the most vibrant with its activities spanning over the entire academic year of the school with students’ participation in presenting ‘Thought for the Day’ and ‘Speech’ at all morning assemblies of the school. The activities of the club are coordinated by Dr. Alex C. Joseph and he has been assisted by the following teachers for the activities of the different classes:
Mrs. C.P. Leela for Class IX , Mrs. Anu B. Mathew for Class X , Mrs. Geeta N.Chauhan for Class XI Mrs. Madhumathi B for Class XII
In addition to the daily morning assembly, the club has successfully conducted the first ever ‘Lit Fest’ in the school. It was a delicious mixture of Poem Recitation, Etiquettes, Essay Writing, Street Play, Quiz and Shakespeare Pageantry. Opportunities were open to all senior students to participate and match their literary, oratorical and histrionic talents with their peers and the event provided them with an all-supportive audience at the school morning assembly.
The literary activities of the students have been identified and encouraged by publishing their works in weeklies and other publications. Opportunities are also given to the students to present their literary works at the morning assemblies.

The literary club is proud to announce the works of two students – Miss ShreyaZalani and Master RajatAsthana of Class XII – who published their full-fledged novels last year. Miss ShreyaZalanihas written a fiction novel titled ‘Upheaval’ and the book has been published by the Amazon publications. The story revolves round a drug-ring busting assignment of secret agent Nicole Knight. ‘Upheaval’ is on sale on in both the e-book and paperback formats and will appeal to teenagers and young adults.

Master RajatAsthana’s ‘A One Hundred and Twenty Six Moments’ deals with the author’s reminiscences of his yesteryears at ISM. It is a narrative about three friends and their experiences at school.

Rajat’s second book ‘Lost, Forgotten, Found’ revolves round the search for a school friend for seven years. A person’s mistakes might cost another person’s life, is the pitch given by the author in this book. The books have been released by Captain G.R. Gopinath, founder of Deccan Airways, at a special function held at ISM.

March 2014

Listen UP- Inter school Public Speaking Competition

Students of ISM from various levels were shortlisted for the Listen – Up – an Inter School Public speaking Competition, organised by the Muscat Daily. The semifinal round of the competition was conducted on 9th Feb 2014 in the school auditorium and one student from each category (i.e Primary, Middle, and Senior) has qualified for the finals which will be conducted on the 18th April 2014 at the Al Bustan Hotel Palace.


CO-ORDINATOR: Mr. Saju Jagannath
Teachers: Mr.Deepak Keshari, Mr. Anto Joseph, Mr. Krishnadas, Mr U.K Pillai, Mr. Dattatraya.

The aim of the club is to promote the art of photography among the students.The students are given ample opportunity to display their talents. All the major school functions and school assemblies are photographed by the students of the club.



Training students for Astronomy quiz conducted by other schools. Sending Sky maps showing monthly positions of stars and important constellations , videos, information regarding astronomy, quiz questions in astronomy through email to student members. During Science exhibition five students made presentations on Theories on Origin of Universe, Theory of Relativity.

Guiding students who are planning to study Astro Physics in foreign Universities to complete Mandatory Project Work .


Main Aim of the Heritage Club : To promote heritage education in order to understand the heritage of the world in general and India in particular.
Objectives of the Heritage Club : To understand and inculcate respect for diversity, tolerance, mutual understanding, patience and promote peaceful co-existence.Inspiring students to understand our past and present. Equipping students to explore local heritage and gain confidence. Encouraging students to learn about varied national heritage. Inculcating the spirit to conserve our heritage.

Co-ordinator: Mr.Biju Varghese
Teachers in Quiz Club:

Mr.Saju Jagannath , Mr. GajendraVarathan, Mrs.SoumiaHarikrishna, ,Mr.VetriSelvan,Mrs.Beena Alex,Mrs.Rubi Shaji Thomas, Mrs. Sridevi Nair, Mrs.Pradeepa Sunil,Mrs.Anuradha Suresh


Quiz Club was formed in 2008 under the guidance of our Principal Mr.AchuthanMadhav. The club conducts Inter-Houses GK Quiz, IT Quiz, History Quiz, Environment Quiz, and Quizzes for Class IX and X. Quiz Club also selects and trains students to participate in Quizpot, Quanta, Terra Quiz and other Inter-School quizzes conducted in Oman and outside the country. During the past years,ISM won Quiz Pot, Times of Oman Inter-School Quiz, Terra Quiz in 2011 and 2012, and was runner up in Quanta 2008, and Terra Quiz in 2009. We also have a page on facebook ‘ISM QUIZ CLUB ’for sharing current information with enthusiastic students. Quiz Club strives for excellence with active involvement of teachers and students.


Coordinated by Mrs. Lalitha .G.Mallya, Department of Biology
Other faculty members involved : Mr. GangadharNaik, Dr. AmruthIftiqar , Mrs. AnuradhaVenkatramanan, Mrs. Anuradha Suresh, Mrs. Sridevi Nair

THE ACTIVITIES OF ECO CLUB The club activities are developed to create strong values on environmental protection and preservation through Green practices in and around the campus and to ensure participation in all the eco-friendly activities held in Oman .Following are the main themes –

Have indoor plants in each class room, maintain them well .
Plant more trees in the school premises, learn more about different types of plants that can be grown in school garden and make the garden more rich with variety of plants

Bring green salads in lunch boxes instead of oily and fat rich food

Best cleanliness practices were organised to keep the class rooms, corridors and school campus very clean and hygienic.

Awareness is brought through creativity by involving in slogan writing, poster making, skit competitions, celebration of important days and events related to environment protection and message given during the assembly to remind the responsibility of keeping healthy and eco friendly.

As a part of Health and Eco club activity , 30 students and 4 teachers of Senior Section of ISM  visited Al Ansab wet land in Ghala region of Muscat on 10th February 2014.  Ms. Manal Ibrahim Kindi , the supporting officer from Al Haya was the guide for the trip IMG_0036 (1)who gave all the interesting information regarding the flora and fauna of the area.  It  gave the students a new experience of watching the birds in the natural habitats of shallow and deep lagoons, wadis and dry areas.  It was worth visiting the wetland during winter , as  it is the time for most of the migratory birds like flamingoes from Iran, Geese from Europe (which visited Oman for the first time) , Indian silver bell, cormorants, wrablers, reef herons , egrets, and greater spotted eagle to have their stay in the wet land.