JHANKAAR SPECTRUM – Organised by Indian School Muscat



Every good school wishes to harness the potential in children and optimize their innate talents by way of motivating them to participate and compete with their counterparts elsewhere. This constructive approach brings about transformation in a child and yields a powerful imagination with guaranteed recognition of their calibre in both scholastic and non scholastic areas.

Viewing this as part of holistic education, Indian School Muscat organises an inter-school cultural talent meet captioned ‘JHANKAAR SPECTRUM’ every year on the school premises. It will be an opportunity for all students to compete in a lively environment. This will augur well to make use of their conscious talents to develop confidence and pride among their peers in the school and beyond.

The various Events of Jhankaar are classified under the following categories: Literary, Theatrical, Music, Fine Art, etc. Jhankaar events are open to all students irrespective of their age. The first three positions in every event will be awarded trophies and certificates. Participants are also given ‘A’ Grade certificates if the quality of their performance is above a particular benchmark. The team that scores highest number of points will lift the coveted Jhankaar Championship Trophy. There are 1st, 2nd & 3rd Runner-up trophies as well. Eminent and impartial judges will adjudicate the events, and their decision will be final in all aspects.

Jhankaar Spectrum

  • ‘Jhankaar ‘ – synchronizing sound replete with melodious harmony
  • ‘Spectrum’ – literally means unison of different colours. Figuratively it means ‘a wide   range of related qualities’.
  • Therefore, in Jhankaar Spectrum we see a display of different talents.
  • In this way, the subtitle also becomes prominently important – Talents Meet to Excel.


  • To provide a platform for matching the best talents of the youth.
  • To enhance healthy competitive spirit among children.
  • To promote culture and art and their importance in life.
  • To create an opportunity to come together and interact with their peers.
  • To excel in one’s own field of interest in art and culture.




Indian School Muscat won the overall championship trophy at the 10th Jhankaar Spectrum 2016, an Inter-School panorama of cultural events, which was held on Thursday, 10th November 2016 on the school premises. However, being the host school, ISM graciously handed over the championship trophy to the Indian School Darsait, who was the first runner-up. Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir was declared the second runner-up. The respective school representatives received the coveted trophies from the Chief Guest.


16 Indian schools from the Sultanate of Oman competed for the overall trophy, participating in 27 events. This mega event was inaugurated by His Excellency Shri Indra Mani Pandey, Ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman. Members of the Board of Directors of Indian Schools in the Sultanate, Principals of all Indian Schools in Oman, Indian School Muscat Management Committee, Parents, teachers, students and well wishers were present to witness the grand inauguration.


Mrs. Geeta Chouhan, Assistant Vice Principal of the senior section, welcomed the gathering and encouraged the students to participate with a spirit of healthy competition. The inaugural ceremony set the perfect tone for the day with a beautiful rendition of a prayer song by the school choir followed by an impressive choreography by the students of ISM, titled “Jhankaar Light” which set the stage ablaze with green light symbolic of the Go-Green initiative by the school. They also conveyed the noble thought of saving trees through this sparkling performance. The contingents of the participating schools proudly marched into the auditorium with their school flags, and ISM Co- Curricular coordinator administered the oath.   Mr. Srinivas K. Naidu, Principal, Indian School Muscat accompanied His Excellency Shri Indra Mani Pandey to hoist the Jhankaar flag. In his speech His Excellency advised the students to use the opportunity not only to showcase the talents but to learn about the diverse cultures.

1550 exceptionally talented students unveiled their talents as they competed in 27 events at different venues on the school premises. The highlights of the events during the first half (10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) included 17 events -Western Dance, Indian Classical Dance, Bharatanatyam, Elocution (Senior), Indian Folk Song, Street Play, Indian Light Vocal, Western Keyboard, Carnatic Vocal, Elocution (Junior), Essay Writing, Poetry Recitation, Short Movie Making, Create a TV Advertisement, Collage, Rangoli and Western Drums.  The second half (2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.) encompassed nine events – Mime, Indian Folk Dance, Indian Classical Dance, Western Vocal, Western Choral Singing, Comedy Skit, Indian Percussion (Tabla), Western Violin, Digital Photo Album Making and Western Guitar.dsc_9113

The Valedictory Function commenced at 5:30 p.m. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Wilson V. George, Chairman, Board of Directors of Indian Schools in the Sultanate of Oman. The prize winning schools were honoured with certificates of honour, and trophies to the first three positions in each of the events. Each participating school was given a memento and a gift hamper. The Valedictory function also featured some colourful cultural items including the performance by the prize winning teams.

The Jhankaar Spectrum flag was brought ceremoniously down with the sound of the buglers’ marking the close of this year’s competitions by the Chief Guest who handed the flag over to the Principal of the school, Mr. Srinivas K. Naidu who in turn gave it to Mr. Eskalin Gonsalves, Event Manager to be kept under his custody until Jhankaar Spectrum 2017.

Mr. Eskalin Gonsalves presented the Jhankaar report.  He appreciated the innate talents of the budding youth and congratulated them for honing their intrinsic worth to win laurels for their alma mater. He also added that the success of ISM Jhankaar Spectrum remains unparalleled even in the 10th year. He profusely thanked all the sponsors for their generous contributions to organize this mega event. Samantha Aster Pinto, Head Girl of the school proposed the vote of thanks.

All the participants, their teachers and proud parents left the venue around 7.30 p.m. with a lot of satisfaction of having had a learning experience with their peers and hoping to return during the Jhankaar Spectrum 2017. The host school had taken every minute care to ensure a smooth functioning of the annual mega event.



 Indian School Muscat hosted 9th Jhankaar Spectrum, the colossal art and edifying competition, on 13 October 2015. Chief Guest His Excellency Shri Indra Mani Pandey, Ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman inaugurated this well adorned and mammoth occasion. Presence of  honourable Members of the Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman, Members of the Indian School Muscat Managing Committee, Principals of Indian Schools, invitees, parents, and a large number of students, made the opening ceremony a superb talent show.DSC_3594

Over 1800 students from a total of 17 schools participated in this impressive event. Various Indian Schools gauged their talents a series of 27 competitions, at 20 venues in the morning and at 7venues in the afternoon, employing the optimum capacity of the school’s infrastructure, and other resources.

The inaugural function commenced with the splendid greeting of the dignitaries followed by the Jhankaar Light and Anthem. Chief Guest addressed the gathering after unfurling the Jhankaar Flag and declared the Panorama of Cultural events open. As representatives of various participating schools marched in with their school flags onto the stage with great exactitude, there radiated awe and admiration. Principal Mr. Srinivas K Naidu accorded formal welcome to the guests gathered. As an expression of appreciation and love, the School Head Boy Alen Jiji Tom and Head girl, Angela Alex presented a bunch of Orchids to His Excellency.

The Chief Guest noted that Jhankar Spectrum is not just a competition but a celebration of talents and advised the youth to try becoming individuals with good character and emphasized the role of schools in inculcating this quality. He exhorted the students to grow in the quality of tolerance. He accentuated the educational intendment of such events. He congratulated the feats of ISM and also for its leading role.

The kaleidoscopic blend emotions defined through the series of performances by the participants kept afloat the inaugural ceremony. The bliss of being one with the larger, cosmic mechanism, the five elements – ‘Panchabhoota’- invoked understanding, empathy, faith and hope evading the spirit of all gathered. Mr. Deep Wilson, Vice- Principal, Senior Section proposed Vote of Thanks at the end of the inaugural ceremony.

The day long Jhankaar Spectrum2015 concluded with the opulent and hair-raising valedictory function in the school multipurpose hall. Mr. Wilson George, Chairman, Board of Directors Indian Schools in the Sultanate of Oman was the Chief Guest. Mr. Mathew Abraham Academic Advisor to the Board of directors, Dr. Avirat Vaishnav President ISM Managing Committee, Col. Shridhar Chitale, Vice President of the School Managing Committee and a nebula of dignitaries attended the function.

Honourable Guests were received with potted plants and pinning of the rosettes. Mrs. Priya Murali, Vice Principal, Primary Section welcomed the majestic crowd. A colourful commixture of various emotions portrayed through the series of prize winning event performances added spiciness and magnificence to the valedictory function.

As Mr. Jacob Zacharias Vice Principal Middle Section enlisted the winners, Chief Guest Mr. Wilson George and Col. Chitale jointly presented the trophies to the Champions and winners of Jhankaar Spectrum 2015 accompanied by a host of dignitaries. Indian School Muscat topped the score-reckoning and remained unchallenged and was declared the winner of the overall Championship. Being the host school ISM did not compete for the championship trophy and it was handed over to the first runner-up Indian School Darsait. Indian School Salalah and Indian school Al Wadi Al Kabir were declared the second runner-up.

Mr. Biju Varghese, Event Manager, in his report, highlighted diverse features of Jhankaar Spectrum 2015. “Given the advance- preparations and high standards, the performance of the participants was exemplary in this edition of Jhankaar Spectrum 2015”, he observed. On behalf of the host school, Head Boy Allen Jiji Tom proposed the vote of thanks to one and all. The curtains of the cultural festival Jhankaar Spectrum 2015 rolled down, as the flag was brought down and was handed over to the safe custody of the Event Manager.

Jhankaar Spectrum 2014 (Saturday, 18 October 2014)


1. Dance Events: Bharatanatyam solo, Indian Classical Dance solo (Other than Bharatanatyam), Indian Classical Dance (Group), Indian Folk Dance (Group) and Western Dance (Group)
2. Art Events: Collage (Group) and Rangoli (Group)
3.  Indian Musical Events: Carnatic vocal Solo, Indian Light Vocal Solo, Indian Percussion Solo (Tabla Only) and Indian Folk song (Group)
4. Western Musical Events: Western Vocal Solo, Western Drums Solo, Western Keyboard Solo, Western Guitar Solo, Western Violin Solo and Choral Singing (Group)
5. Performing Art Events: Street Play in English (Group), Comedy Skit in English (Group) and Mimes (Group)
6. Snapshot Events: Short Movie Making (Group), Digital Photography and Album Making (Group) and Create a TV Advertisement (Group)
7. Literary Event: Elocution (Solo)

Contact : Mr. Biju Varghese, Event Manager
G.S.M: +968 92 91 93 02

Jhankaar Spectrum 2013

  • No of schools participated: 17
  • No of participants: 1500
  • No of events: 24
  • No of venues: 13
  • Classifications of events: Dance, Art, Indian Music, Western Music, Performing Art, Snapshot & Literary.


Jhankaar Spectrum 2012

  • No of schools participated this year: 17
  • No of participants: 1300
  • No of events: 25
  • No of venues: 8
  • Classifications of events: Dance, Art, Indian Music, Western Music, Performing Art, Snapshot & Literary.

Group events: Indian Classical group dance, Indian Folk dance, Theme dance, Western dance, Collage, Rangoli, Indian Folk song, Choral singing, Street Play, Comedy Skit in English, Mime, Short Movie making, Make a Digital Photo Album and Create an Advertisement.
Solo Events: Elocution, Carnatic Vocal, Hindustani vocal, Indian Light Vocal, Western Vocal, Western Drums, Western Keyboard, Western string, Indian percussion, Bharatanatyam and Classical (other than Bharatanatyam) solo dance.

Contact Details:

Jhankaar Spectrum
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Sultanate of Oman
Phone: +96824702567,24707567
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