YEAR 2015


Indian School Muscat, in collaboration with ‘Adventure Oman Club’, organised Trekking Expedition for the participants of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Scheme, on Saturday 24 October 2015. The team comprised seventy five members including students of ISM senior section, the members of Adventure Oman Club and over a dozen senior section teachers.IAS 2015 TREKKING

The team embarked on this thrilling trek from Riyam Park following the Geo-Trek trail converging at Mutra Souk. At 5.45 A.M the team gathered at Riyam Park Mutra Muscat and started-off crossing the Geo-trail, enjoying the nature’s wonders that surround the mighty mountains. The team experienced the synergy as they inched through the tricky, rocky, and sharp slippery mountains. The tempting landscape of Mutra Cornishe that stretched behind the trekkers and cool breeze from ocean relieved the team from the sultry summer of Muscat.

This award programme, intended to equip young people for life and work, includes three levels viz., Bronze, Silver and Gold and four sections each. Participants need to complete all four sections at each level in order to achieve their award. Through this programme the awardees equip themselves with skills and experiences that are consistently recognized by employers and educational institutions. They are made capable of challenging themselves and discover the world around them. The award enables them with a world perspective.  These young people make positive changes to their lives and communities by participating in the award.  The programme focuses on certain key areas where young people’s development is lacking, and resolves to create a frame of mind that would be a ‘do-it-yourself kit in the art of civilized living’.

Much to the trekkers’ delight, trekking through the calming, breath-taking panoramic views and climbing atop the adjoining thresholds of the caves, was challenging but worth the pains. It was the real-time for the lens’ men to execute their skills as it was a charming sight to behold. Atop the winding hill-tops with the wonderful vistas of the lush valley and the live villages around thrilled the trekkers to the core.

The team members thanked the members of Adventure Oman Club, Principal Mr. Srinivas K Naidu and Senior Vice-principal Mr. Deep Wilson, Asst.Vice Principal Mrs. Geeta Chauhan and the teachers for their consummate support in making the expedition an unforgettable one.

A visit to The Oasis Water Plant.

The students of the Commerce Department visited the Oasis Water Plant in Rushayl on 2nd June 2015.

They were accompanied by a few faculty members. The students assembled at the School gate by 9.00 a.m. and reached the factory by 10.00 a.m. An engineer in-charge of the production welcomed the students and gave a brief introduction about the factory. The students were given hair caps and they were taken around from one section to another explaining about the process involved in the treatment of water as well as the packaging. It was an informative, interesting and a successful visit.  As students of commerce they learnt about the working of the factory system



Excursion to Paris
ex_0150 students of the Senior Section of Indian School Muscat embarked on an exciting tour of Paris escorted by 5 teachers on 25 June, 2012 for 5 days. The group stayed at the picturesque Dream Castle Hotel in Disneyland, spent 2 full days in Euro-Disney parks. Besides, they went up the famous Eiffel Tower, visited the Louvre Art Museum, the Basilique Du Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, the Champs Elysees and even took a boat ride in the river Seine.

Excursion to Al NahdaResort
ex_02210 students of classes 11 and 12 with 20 teachers visited Al Nahda resort, Barkha, Muscat on 14th and 21st November 2012 and stayed overnight to understand the five star hospitality and intricacies of its working. This also gave the students an opportunity to learn and plan for their future prospects.