DEAS / Exchange program


Indian School Muscat conducted International Award Scheme Camp for its Silver Awardees, from 21 to 23 August 2014. Thirty Four students from the Senior Section, escorted by four senior teachers embarked on this trip to Salalah with a lot of cheer and anticipation.  Next morning, the team awoke to the lush green landscape of Salalah and felt relieved from the humid summer of Muscat.

Salalah trip-1 (2) IAS Salalah trip-2 (1)Indian School Salalah, proved the benign host to the team. Much to the campers’ delight, the school campus adorned with a large grass field bordered by tall coconut trees, brought in nostalgic feelings. The team visited the windy yet sultry beach that held the ruins of an old city of bygone times. Trekking to the famous Ayn Razat with its calming, breath-taking panoramic views and climbing atop the adjoining threshold of the cave, was challenging but worth the pains. It was the real time for the lens’ men to execute their skills as it was a charming sight to behold. Programmed activities followed after the lunch and rest. Visit to the Salalah Khareef Festival offered a variety of amusing rides. Various stalls with lovely articles on display compelled the extravaganza of shopping a few memoirs. The barbecue dinner, the complete and sumptuous grill, explicitly brought out the inherent chefs in the team members.

The next morning, the team trekked to Prophet Job’s tomb, atop a winding hill-top with a wonderful view of the lush valley around. Shopping at the enormous and sprawling shops at Salalah Garden’s Mall, admiring its lovely architecture and the delicious lunch at the food court will cling to the memories for a long time. The Fruit Market, our last stop with its chilly weather and the clean surroundings were indeed wonderful experiences. The return trip was equally enlivening with songs and the blood chilling horror stories retold.

The team members thanked Principal Mr. Srinivas K Naidu and Senior Vice-principal Mr. Deep Wilson and the teachers for their unmatched support in making the camp a memorable one.


The International Award Programme for young people, popularly known as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is an important co-curricular activity in our school . The Principal of the Indian School Muscat is the Independent Authority for the International award scheme at our school. The Award scheme through its varied activities played a key role in moulding the students of Indian School Muscat, as the makers of tomorrow.

It was the forward looking mind and the enlightened vision of His Highness the Duke of Edinburgh who introduced and initiated this award scheme with the sole purpose of including the spirit of adventure and infusing in the young minds and the hearts of the youth, a sense of enthusiastic and energetic participation, accepting new challenges and adventures. This indeed is a global scheme.

I request the parents to encourage their wards to take part in the award scheme as it prepares them to face life more confidently and completely.

The Award scheme is designed to supplement the academic curriculum with physical outdoor activities and indoor recreational activities to provide the entrants the necessary platform in the process of character formation. Each entrant is expected to participate, in a non-competitive atmosphere, in four sections of the Award viz. service, expeditions, skills and physical recreation. The entrants will be helped in their programme by their teachers and adult volunteers.

The three levels of Awards each asking for an increased level of commitment and effort are –

Bronze Award:
A Bronze Award can be achieved with reasonable determination within a year, though it must take at least six months.

Silver Award:
A Silver Award can take 12 to 18 months which demonstrates the habit of maintaining efforts beyond the Bronze level.

Gold Award:
The Gold Award is usually achieved over a period of 18 months to 2 years and is intended to encourage responsible adulthood and citizenship.

Criteria for an Award:
The criteria for an Award are self improvement and effort. These qualities, so essential in life, are measured against each participant’s original level and capabilities. Here it may be realized that a mere registration for this programme does not guarantee an award but an assessment of the entrants’ whole hearted involvement in all the four sections i.e. Service, Skills, Physical recreation and Expedition will be evaluated before conferring the Award. The programmes are devised in such a way as to establish a life long ability, to set and achieve personal goals and in doing so will attain qualities of Personal discovery and self knowledge, Self reliance and self discipline, Motivation and enterprise, Perseverance and determination and voluntarily going the extra mile, Initiative, enthusiasm and creative vision, Definition of purpose, accurate thinking and time management, Community involvement and social responsibility, A sense of value and their place in decision making, The spirit of adventure and team work, Sound physical and mental health, Vocational, cultural and family life skills and International understanding and awareness.

Thus the scheme helps in the all round personality development.
Presently Over150 students are enrolled in the scheme at different levels.