International Award Scheme Silver Award – Beach Cleaning Activity
As a part of community services, under the International Award Scheme, Students of class-11th and 12th were taken to the Shatti Al Qurum beach on Friday the 14 August, 2015 for Beach Cleaning activity, under the supervision of a team of teachers. Students assembled near the beach by 7:00 a.m. and were engaged in the activity till 9.30 am.
Participants were grouped in teams of five and carried garbage bag to collect the waste littered all over on the street as they walked towards the beach. They picked up the plastic bottles, wrappers, tissue papers, disposable cups and plastic covers, Lids, pieces of rope, cartons etc. The waste collected was disposed to the dust bin for proper disposal.
The students felt proud for their contribution towards the environment to keep the surroundings clean. Students brought home the awareness not to engage in littering public places unconsciously. The students were solicited to speak on different types of pollution threats to the planet earth and in particular the marine life. The plastic bags or bottles are not biodegradable and they pollute the water, indirectly affecting the various species in water. They agreed in one voice to propagate awareness whenever possible. The entire IAS students are thankful to the Principal, Vice Principal and the teachers in charge for giving them an opportunity to perform a vital activity and for helping to bring them closer to nature.





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