ISQUIZ, ‘the Inter School Mega Quiz Contest’ under the aegis of BOD, Indian Schools in Oman is the biggest quizzing event to be hosted by Indian School Muscat


First Vector Graphic

First Vector Graphic


ISQUIZ ,one of the biggest online events conceptualized by the Board of Directors is designed to augment the holistic development programme for the students of all Indian Schools Under the aegis of the Board of Directors in the Sultanate of Oman.
Today, quizzes are interactive platforms where students are not participating to take home a prize or get famous overnight, but to gain knowledge, seek opportunities to excel beyond academics and secure their future. Besides the obvious academic benefits of expanding a student’s knowledge and exploring new skills at an early age, quizzes redefine the education system in significant ways. One tool that is becoming more common, especially in online education, is quizzes. They help with concentration, identify gaps in knowledge, build confidence and help children retain information. What’s more - they’re fun! ISQUIZ 2021 is Powered by NOOR GAZAL
This Mega Event is planned in three stages and is open to the students of all Indian Schools across Oman in three categories:
1.Sub- Junior(Classes I to IV )
2.Junior (Classes V to VIII)
3.Senior (Classes IX to XII).

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